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Representatives of the Interim Administration of Libya were formed through two rounds of voting.

The Prime Minister of the Libyan Transitional Government discussed the formation of a cabinet with Parliament.

On February 5th, local time, the five-day Libyan political internal dialogue meeting ended in Geneva, Switzerland. After two rounds of voting, the interim Libyan administration, composed of a prime minister and a three-member presidential committee, was elected to prepare for the national general election on December 24, 2021. General Station Reporter Xue Jingmeng)

The Provisional Executive Body is headed by Abdul Hamid Mohamed Debeba as Prime Minister, and Mohamed Yunis Menfi, Mosa Koni and Abdullah Hussein Rafi jointly formed a three-member presidential committee.

“This is a historic moment, an important step towards creating a country owned by the Libyan people,” Stephanie Williams, Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Libya and head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, said at a post-election press conference.

Stephanie Williams further pointed out that the Prime Minister of the Provisional Executive Council needs to complete the formation of the cabinet within no more than 21 days and submit his work plan and the results of the Libyan Political Dialogue to the House of Representatives.

Stephanie Williams called on the Provisional Administration to focus on solidarity and inclusion to maximize support and advance the national election to be held on December 24 this year.

In addition, she said that institutional personnel must abide by the consensus reached on national reconciliation, the integration of troops, resettlement of displaced persons, improvement of public services and the fight against corruption mentioned in the Tunisian road map.

At the same time, the Provisional Administration should fully support and implement the ceasefire agreement, reopen coastal roads and withdraw all foreign troops and mercenaries.

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