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“Reimbursed vaccination” A New Zealand man is vaccinated with 10 doses of vaccine a day!

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According to a New Zealand National Radio report on the 11th, the New Zealand Ministry of Health found that a man was vaccinated with 10 doses of vaccines in multiple vaccination centers in one day.

According to the report, in New Zealand, people do not need to show their identity documents when vaccinated, which makes impostors take advantage of the loopholes.

Kuennif, head of the New Zealand’s coronavirus vaccine and immunization project team, said that the Ministry of Health was “aware of the problem”, but it did not disclose the specific place where the substitute vaccination took place. She said that the Ministry of Health is seriously investigating the matter and is working with relevant agencies.

“If you know that someone has been vaccinated more than the recommended dose, please remind them to seek clinical advice as soon as possible.”

The man’s behavior was condemned by many vaccine and immunologists, and Helen Harris, a professor at the University of Auckland, called his behavior “unbelievably selfish.” Immunization expert Graham Legros criticized the vaccination as “stupid and dangerous”.

Legros said that although he is unlikely to die of “vaccine overdose”, he is bound to have a sore reaction, and it is likely that the vaccine will not work better and produce the best immune effect.

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