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More than 2.5 million people were affected by Hurricane Ita

Hurricane Ita

REDCROSS: More than 2.5 million people were affected by Hurricane Ita

A few days ago, Central America was hit by Hurricane Ita. The worst-hit country was Honduras, with 1.7 million people affected.

The floods caused by Hurricane Eta in Central America recently caused more than 200 deaths, hundreds of people missing, and thousands of people evacuated. The countries hit by the hurricane are Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

When Pope Francis led the believers to recite the Three Bells on Sunday, November 8th, he invited everyone to pray for the victims in these countries who have been severely tested by the new crown epidemic. 

He said, “May the Lord accept the dead, comfort their families, support those who are most severely tested, and those who will give them all their support.”

According to the Red Cross, in total, 2.5 million people were affected by the hurricane. The head of the Americas of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies explained that the situation in Honduras is particularly critical. 

Ita Hurricane

“Ita Hurricane is a devastating disaster. In Honduras alone, 1.7 million people were hit by the hurricane. Many of them were women and children, as well as members of indigenous groups.

After the hurricane (AFP or licensors)

They lost everything, without drinking water and Food. Families in some communities drink contaminated water and they urgently need assistance.” In addition

people are increasingly worried about the impact of this disaster on the spread of the new crown epidemic in the region.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Latin American Bishops’ Conference (CELAM) stated in a statement on

November 9th that in addition to caring, “the victims and losses caused by the hurricane make us deeply distressed.

To this end, we offer spiritual comfort and prayers You are here and you are also given practical assistance. This assistance has been initiated through the Caritas in Latin America and the Caribbean.” 

The committee stated in a statement, “The Latin American Bishops’ Conference and the Caritas urge all Bishops’ Conferences, just like the Samaritan

Church, to cooperate and contribute to each other to accompany and alleviate those suffering from this devastating consequence “. 

In addition, the Latin American and Caribbean Union of Men’s and Women’s Congregations (Clar) also called

on people to make “acts of solidarity and friendship” towards those affected by the hurricane. for more details about hurricane check this post

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