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recalled as submarine contract: this shows the seriousness of the situation

recalled as submarine contract: this shows the seriousness of the situation

Photo: French President Macron. Photo by Li Yang, reporter of China News Service

20 Sep 2021 local time, the french ambassador to the united states, etienne in paris, in an interview with french media, said he was recalled because of australia and the united states conspiring to tear up the submarine contract to illustrate the seriousness of the current situation, this move is also to the united states to express france’s serious concern about its bilateral relations.

etienne also said he had met with french president Emmanuel Macron and french foreign minister jean-marc aylian on his return to paris to analyze the situation and consider how france would respond next. mr etienne stressed that france had not been told of australia’s hesitation in the submarine contract and that the us was well aware of its industrial and strategic importance to france.

australia has been tearing up a contract with france to build 12 conventionally powered submarines in 2016 in a new so-called “security alliance” with the us and uk, and instead to the us nuclear-powered submarines. in recent days, the move in french public opinion continued to ferment, and triggered a strong reaction from the french authorities, the french foreign ministry on september 17 local time decided to recall the ambassadors to the united states and australia for consultations.

it is understood that the french ambassador to the united states etienne on the evening of the 18th returned to paris, and on the 19th was received by Macron. according to french government spokesman attar 19, Macron will be in the next few days with u.s. president joe biden on the phone, asked the other side on the submarine contract incident to clarify.

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