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Rebirth in the Fire and Create Brilliance Again–Recording the Special Global Promotion Activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hubei

by YCPress

April 12, the Hubei Global Special Promotion Event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the theme of “Heroic Hubei: Rebirth in Fire and Creating Brilliance Again” was held in the Blue Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a combination of online and offline methods. About 500 people attended the meeting, including ambassadors to China from 155 countries, representatives of 21 international organizations in China, as well as Chinese and foreign business people and media reporters. This is the first provincial, district and municipal promotion activity held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the epidemic, showing the world a new face of Hubei’s rebirth and helping Hubei build a new bridge of foreign cooperation.

At the event site, Wuhan hot and dry noodles, Xiaogan rice wine, Qianjiang lobster, Xiangyang high-flavored tea, Jingzhou Honghu wild yu sauce, Ezhou yukou Wuchang fish… The colorful agricultural and sideline products with Hubei characteristics attracted foreign envoys to stop from time to time. Three sets of contrast pictures were displayed at the promotion meeting: Yellow Crane Tower went from empty to tourists, Hubu Lane went from an “empty lane” to crowded, and Wuhan-based Dongfeng Company pressed the “pause button” to offline a passenger car on average of 51 seconds.

In April on earth, Jing Chumei is as beautiful as a picture. In his speech, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core and with the support of the people of the whole country, the people of Hubei and Wuhan united as one to fight back, made great sacrifices for China’s victory over the epidemic and made important contributions to the global fight against the epidemic. Hubei’s anti-epidemic is the epitome of China’s anti-epidemic, and it is also a concentrated display of Chinese spirit and Chinese strength. I believe that after the grinding and baptism of the epidemic, the ancient Jingchu land will burst out with more vigorous vitality and vitality.

Wang Yi said that as a responsible and responsible big country, China’s anti-epidemic commitment to the epidemic is not to be alone, but to help the world at the same time; China’s development is not to be unique, but to be full of spring. We will adhere to solidarity and mutual assistance, and work with all countries to finally defeat the COVID-19 epidemic; adhere to open cooperation and work with all countries to promote world economic recovery; adhere to multilateralism and work with all countries to build a community of destiny.

Ying Yong, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Zhonglin, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, introduced.

Luo Liang, French ambassador to China, said that at present, more than 30 French auto companies have invested in Hubei. “I hope today’s promotion will stimulate investors from all over the world to invest in Wuhan.” Paul Valle, Brazil’s ambassador to China, recalled the touching story of Brazil and China fighting against the epidemic together, saying that “Wuhan’s victory in the fight against the epidemic inspires everyone who fights against the epidemic.” Luis Monsalve, Colombia’s ambassador to China, said that Wuhan’s rapid resumption of work and production has set an example for the world and is worth learning from Colombia. Mujisha Fryd, minister of the Ugandan Embassy in China, said that the world was moved by Wuhan’s resilience in the face of the challenge of the epidemic.

Ōiba City, Japan, is the first international friendly city concluded by Wuhan. Ōita Mayor Kikihiro Sato sent a video message saying: “The experience of watching and helping each other has strengthened our determination to pass on this friendship. In the future, the two cities will share development opportunities and further strengthen cooperation.