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Prudential Group: Full of confidence in China’s future development

Prudential Group: Full of confidence in China's future development

Liantang/Hangyuanwei Port between Shenzhen Hong Kong on August 26 (drone photo). Photo by Mao Si, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

London, December 6 In a written interview, Wei Lisi, CEO of Prudential Group, said that China’s success story is full of vitality and he is full of confidence in China’s future development.

Wei Lisi said: “As China deepens reform and opening up, China will build on its achievements in the past 40 years. China’s development has been accompanied by a demographic shift, and Prudential Group can play an important role in it by providing better insurance services.

Since the joint creation of CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd. with CITIC Group in 2000, Prudential Group has entered the Chinese market for 20 years. Earlier this year, we also opened a new technology center in Shenzhen to support the innovation and development of the whole group. He said.

“China’s targeted initiatives in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and beyond play a much more important role in driving economic growth,” said Wei Liss. “We are committed to playing our part in these dynamic success stories.”

He said that Prudential Group has been following the pace of opening up China’s financial industry to the outside world and has established a wholly-owned asset management company in Shanghai.” We are encouraged by the Chinese government’s desire to introduce more international competition in the financial industry.” He said.

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