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Provoking the mainland and being “slapped in the face”, Taiwan authorities: the mainland “put pressure” and express the strongest protest

Provoking the mainland and being "slapped in the face", Taiwan authorities: the mainland "put pressure" and express the strongest protest

Since Kiribati’s severance of diplomatic relations with Taiwan in September 2019, there has been no such “severance of diplomatic relations” with Taiwan for nearly a year and a half. The “quiet days” of this period of time have given the Taiwan authorities a serious illusion.

According to the Straits Guide on February 5, citing Taiwan media sources, Guyana ended the Taiwan “office” agreement due to the so-called mainland “pressure”.

The spokesperson of the Cai Office Zhang Dunhan clamored that day and deeply regretted the one-sided decision of the Guyana government. Regarding the mainland’s “diplomatic suppression” again, the Taiwan authorities expressed “the strongest protest and condemnation”.

Convolvulus also expressed incompetence and furiously on Facebook that under the mainland’s “suppression”, the Guyana government unilaterally terminated the agreement with Taiwan.

“We deeply regret this and express our protest and condemnation of the mainland’s actions.” She also believes that such an approach neither “helps” cross-strait relations, nor “helps” improve China’s international image.

“Face”, let’s be upset. Seeing the incompetent, helpless, ignorant, and shameless clamor of the DPP authorities, I personally think it’s really cool. I like to see them hate and itchy, but they are helpless.

Look like. By provoking the one-China principle, they will face more such “humiliation” in the future, and the end of this “humiliation” patiently is military reunification.

View of the central marketplace and its corrugated iron booths in Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Taiwan has been an inalienable part of China since ancient times. There is only one China in the world. This has become the consensus of almost all countries in the world. 

Guyana has made a mistake in observing the one-China principle, and he is obliged to correct it. As a country that has been violated, it is entirely legitimate for China to ask Guyana to correct its mistakes. How can it be “suppressed”?

The simplest analogy is that if Texas in the United States and Scotland in the United Kingdom want to “establish diplomatic relations” with which country, I am afraid that the United States and the United Kingdom will not hesitate to deal with that country with the most severe means

And may not even rule out launching a war; while Texas and Scotland would There is a quasi-treason behavior, and it will be the cruelest political cleansing. The example of Spain’s Catalonia calling for an independence referendum in 2017 is still fresh in my memory.

The so-called “condemnation” of the Taiwan authorities is completely arrogant and untenable in terms of legal principles and morals, and cannot be supported by the voice of justice in the world. 

Even in the United States, which the Taiwan authorities rely most on, the new President Biden has repeatedly expressed his recognition of the one-China principle after taking office; Biden’s confidant even stated: “A Chinese capital is in Beijing, and Taiwan does not exist as an independent country. The United States will not recognize it, nor will it recognize the independent Taiwan authorities.”

In contrast, the measures China has taken towards Taiwan seem to be too benevolent. However, China’s benevolence is for Taiwan compatriots who identify with one China, not for separatists. 

Obviously, the separatists on the island regard the benevolence of mainland China to Taiwan compatriots as a “talisman” for their wanton separatist actions. If they don’t teach it a lesson for a period of time, they will go to bed.

Since Convolvulus opened her second term, she has gone farther and farther in colluding with the US Trump administration, provoking mainland China, and splitting China. 

It is precisely because of the separatist actions of the separatists that have caused a serious threat to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, so that the “fourth Taiwan Strait crisis” may be staged between the two sides of the strait. 

The Taiwan authorities’ hype about setting up an “office” in Guyana is the most blatant provocation against the one-China principle; and the subsequent harsh insults and severe slander of mainland China further exposed its crazy nature.

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