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Professional institutions: South Africa’s cybercrime has been on the rise since the blockade

Professional institutions: South Africa's cybercrime has been on the rise since the blockade

December 5, according to local media reports, South Africa ranked 31st out of 75 countries in terms of cybersecurity exposure, according to the latest research results of the global research company Comparitech. Cybercrime has become a growing problem in South Africa.

Out of 1,000 enterprises surveyed, 37% of enterprises reported experiencing security vulnerabilities last year, with one-fifth of them being caused by internal vulnerabilities (such as employees clicking on malicious links).

Of these, 28% of enterprises may have experienced security problems due to working from home due to the blockade, and 17% of enterprises have lost more than 250,000 rand per time due to cybersecurity incidents.

About 10% of businesses reported being offline for more than 72 hours during the online event.

Nishar Meval, CEO of the South African Banking Risk Information Center, said that the emergence of digital platforms provides opportunities for criminals to deceive people.

He said that criminals will use social engineering strategies to attack users, allowing victims to inadvertently share their personal and confidential information, so that they can enter the user account to conduct transactions without authorization.

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