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President of Venezuela: The successful completion of the Constituent Assembly will end its term of office.

Venezuela's president says he is willing to talk to the opposition under international mediation

△Venezuela President Maduro

Caracas, December 18 Venezuelan President Maduro said at the last plenary session of the Constituent Assembly on the 18th that since its establishment in 2017, the Constituent Assembly has successfully completed its mission of maintaining national peace, left a precious political legacy and brought peace and victory to the people. Li.

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly will officially end its operation on December 31. Maduro attended the last plenary session and delivered a speech on the spot.

Although the Constituent Assembly did not make important changes to the constitution, it had completed its fundamental mission – to maintain national peace.

Maduro said that the new parliament with a five-year term will be officially established on January 5 next year, when it will normally perform legislative and other functions to lead the country forward.

The Venezuelan opposition coalition won a majority of seats in the 2015 parliamentary election, but due to a series of illegal operations such as alleged fraud, the previous parliament has been ruled by the Supreme Court of the Commission to be “illegal” and did not exercise legislative power normally. Since 2017, legislative power has been exercised by the Constituent Assembly.

Venezuela held parliamentary elections on the 6th of this month, and the ruling party’s campaign coalition won the election, winning 253 of the 277 seats in the parliament. The new term of parliament is from 2021 to 2026.

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