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President El Salvador was shut in Washington last week, and the Biden administration refused to meet.

President El Salvador was shut in Washington last week, and the Biden administration refused to meet.

Nayib Bukele

February 8th local time, people familiar with the matter revealed that Salvadoran President Bukele visited Washington on Monday’s undisclosed trip and hoped to meet with the Biden administration, but the Biden administration refused the request.

The Associated Press reported on the 8th that the Biden administration’s refusal was “thought out” citing people familiar with the matter.

First, El Salvador will hold parliamentary elections later this month.

Biden administration officials want to ensure that Bukele does not use his meeting with American officials as a symbol of his winning U.S. support. Second, the plan for the meeting has little advance notice of the Biden administration.

Second, avoid direct face-to-face reception during the coronavirus epidemic. Touch is also a consideration. In addition, it was reported that most Democrats were critical of Salvadoran leaders.

El Salvadoran Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill said in an interview with the Associated Press that she did not know that Bukele mentioned any requests to meet with U.S. government officials during his brief, private trip to Washington last week.

“El Salvador has not made any formal or informal request for a meeting through its foreign ministry or embassy in Washington,” she said.

And Bukele himself denied that he had made such a request, writing in a text message to the Associated Press, “Who would offer to meet immediately [with the U.S. government] on a private trip with his wife and daughter?”

The report said that Bukele tough ruling style, although it won the support of a large number of Salvadoran people, was also criticized by most American Democrats.

But the Biden administration is currently seeking to rescind some of the immigration policies formulated under former U.S.

President Trump, and said it would reassess its relationship with El Salvador.

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