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Pompeo jumped out and said, “The whole world can’t tolerate violence” and was mocked by netizens.

Pompeo changed his mind and called Biden "President-elect of the United States" for the first time.


January 7th – Pompeo, who has always liked to fan the flames and create antagonisms around the world, was unable to sit still when the U.S. Congress was broken by protesters.

He not only condemned that “the United States and other countries cannot tolerate violence”, but also firmly demanded that “the insurgents be brought to justice”, which quickly attracted a crowd of netizens’ mockery.

On the 6th, local time, hundreds of Trump supporters broke through the U.S. Congress and clashed with the police. During this period, a female protester was shot dead, several police officers were injured, and nearly 20 protesters were arrested.

There is a mess inside and outside Congress. The incident shocked the United States and the international community.

Shortly after the incident, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted condemnation.

He said that the rush into the U.S. Congress was “unacceptable” and called for the insurgents to be brought to justice as soon as possible.

He also stressed, “I have visited many countries. Violence puts others in danger and cannot be tolerated in the United States or other countries.”

Chen Weihua, the head of China Daily’s EU bureau, wrote in a sarcastic tone in the comment area, “So you finally condemn the thugs who broke into the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and destroyed it.”

Another netizen relentlessly criticized, “In 2014 and 2017, you let terrorists commit atrocities on the streets of the Venezuelan capital in order to launch a coup against the Venezuelan President, which was funded by the CIA and the United States Department of State.”

Also wrote, “For decades, the United States has supported this chaos, especially in countries that do not succumb to American commercial interests, such as Venezuela and Bolivia.

You are personally responsible for it. Now, you tell me how [violence] is not accepted.”

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