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Pompeo hinted that he would be a beauty pageant for the president? U.S. media pointed out: the worst Secretary of State in history

Pompeo hinted that he would be a beauty pageant for the president? U.S. media pointed out: the worst Secretary of State in history

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January 22 – Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo posted the words “1384 days” on social media Twitter on the 21st. Many American netizens speculated that he was hinting at the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

In response, the U.S. Foreign Policy magazine published an article entitled “Arrogance and arrogance can’t pretend to Pompeo’s (political) legacy”, criticizing Pompeo for putting his political ambitions above the national interest and using his authority for personal gain by any means, which can be called the worst Secretary of State in history.

The full text is excerpted as follows:

The most generous and kind word that one can say about U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo is that his term is finally over.

As soon as he left office, he began to quote Bible verses and tweeted “1384 (days)” on Twitter, literally counting the days when he thought he would become president, which was the remainder of the Biden administration.

Pompeo has made no diplomatic achievements, and his tenure is worse than before he took office, such as the relationship between the United States and Iran and allies such as Europe.

Pompeo’s series of abuses of government resources have also caused dissatisfaction, such as holding fancy dinners in the State Department’s diplomatic reception room to cultivate the favor of Republican celebrities who can fund his political ambitions; he also used government planes to carry out political activities throughout the country under the guise of foreign policy speeches; Don’t be Secretary of State, Pompeo lives in an army house and lets taxpayers pay the bill.

However, these are not enough to make Pompeo the worst secretary of state ever.

He won this “accolade” because he trampled on one of the tenets of American foreign policy: politics stops at the water (the two-party struggles in the United States can only occur at home, and partisan competition and differences must give way to unity in foreign policy).

But Pompeo rejected this view and turned foreign policy into another battlefield of bloody partisan struggles.

His belief that one day he will become president has turned every move as the nation’s top diplomat into an opportunity to please Donald Trump and inherit his political “dynastic”.

Despite policy differences, every Secretary of State before Pompeo shared a common goal and recognized that the top diplomats in the United States represented the whole country, and even politicians such as John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, who ran for president, avoided partisan attacks in foreign policy.

However, Pompeo went to Cairo during his tenure.

At the place where Obama addressed the Muslim world in 2009, he made a severe personal attack on the former president and accused his policy of being a “dangerous misjudgment” and the culprit of the region’s ills.

And after an attempted “coup” in Washington, Pompeo introduced a series of policy measures at the last minute, defining Houthi rebels in Yemen as “terrorists” and re-establishing Cuba as a country supporting terrorism.

Attempts to suppress the Biden administration on foreign policy while paving the way for his political future.

At the confirmation hearing of his successor, new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, several Republican and Democratic senators jointly called for an end to Pompeo’s aggressive attitude to Congress during his tenure.

And for Pompeo, no arrogance can hide his sad (political) legacy.

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