Police in Mindanao, Philippines clashed with militants, killing 12 militants and 1 policeman

Philippine police killed 12 militants

According to Philippine media reports, in the early morning of January 23, local time, in the city of Sultan Kudala, Maguindanao Province, Mindanao, the Philippines, the local police clashed with a group of militants, killing 12 militants and one policeman and injuring 2 others.

It is reported that the police issued a wanted notice and arrested a local who had been involved in serious criminal activities.

The person named Datu Pendatun Talusan, who was the village head of Limbo in the city of Kudala, Sudan.

In the pursuit of him, the armed group led by Taluzant had an armed conflict with the police. From 0300 to 9.30 hours on the 23rd, the conflict lasted for more than six hours.

Taluzant was killed in the conflict.

Local police and Philippine Army intelligence personnel said that between 2016 and December 2020, at least 20 police and soldiers were ambushed and killed while riding motorcycles on highways in the city of Kudala and nearby Kotato in Sudan.

The armed group led by Taluzant is seriously suspected. In this conflict, the police found the gun used by the police who were killed in the ambush on the militants.

In addition, a police officer who survived the ambush said that the armed group ambushed the police and military because the police and military had carried out law enforcement operations there.