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Pfizer spokesman: Coronavirus mutant virus will not affect the launch of COVID-19 vaccine

Israeli studies have shown that Covid-strengthening needles can reduce infection rates to 1/11

The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer. ( Photo Source: Reuters)

A spokesman for Pfizer said today in response to the Securities TimesĀ·e company reporter that the latest discovery of the novel coronavirus mutant virus in the United Kingdom will not affect the launch of Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, and recommends that relevant professionals continue to follow the official guidance for vaccine management.

Recently, there has been a new surge in the number of coronavirus cases in the southeastern part of the United Kingdom.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed on December 14 that there is a mutant novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom, and the surge in the number of cases in the southeast may be related to this.

Earlier, the British medical and health regulator has officially announced that the Pfizer vaccine has been authorized for emergency use.

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