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Peruvian President Vaccinates Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

Peruvian President Sagasti said when he was vaccinated against Chinese coronavirus in an army hospital on the afternoon of the 9th local time, “I am full of confidence and hope for vaccination.”

Peruvian President Opens Chinese Vaccine: Full of Confidence and Hope for Vaccine

Peruvian President Vaccination against Coronavirus (Live Screenshot)

Overseas Network, February 10 According to the Peruvian Business Daily and the Republic, on the evening of the 9th local time, Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti inoculated the Chinese national medicine vaccine in the Central Military Hospital, becoming the first batch of vaccinators in Peru, and with him were front-line medical staff.

In his speech on the same day, Sagasti said that he had no worries and was vaccinated with confidence and hope, and encouraged the Peruvian people to join the vaccination team.

Sagasti displays the registration card after vaccination (live screenshot)

Oliva Lace, coordinator of the vaccination team of the Peruvian Ministry of Health, said on the 8th that she was happy to finally see hope for responding to the public health crisis.

The president’s in-person vaccination will demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and mobilize more people to participate in the vaccination.

Peru’s first round of vaccination plan is mainly aimed at health care workers, and Peruvian Minister of Health Pilar Mazetti will be vaccinated in the next round to ensure that medical personnel are given priority.

Peru’s Foreign Minister said that Peruvian foreign residents would be included in the vaccination program.

On the evening of the 7th, local time, the first batch of Chinese national medicine vaccines arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru.

Peruvian President Sagasti went to the airport to meet him and delivered a televised speech to the whole country, thanking China for its support for Peru’s fight against the pandemic.

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