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Peru’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake has injured 12 people. No one has been killed yet.

Peru's 7.5-magnitude earthquake has injured 12 people. No one has been killed yet.

November 29 – Lima News: At 5:52 local time on the 28th, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in the border area between northern Peru and Ecuador, which has injured 12 people so far. No one has been reported to be killed.

According to the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics, the epicenter of the earthquake was 98 kilometers east of Santa Maria de Neva County, Amazon Province, northern Peru, with a focal depth of 131 kilometers. The earthquake was strong in many areas around Amazon, as well as in Lima, the capital of Peru, and neighboring Ecuador and Colombia.

According to the Peruvian National Civil Defense Agency, as of 15:30 local time on the 28th, in addition to injuries, the earthquake has affected 1223 people, affected their lives in 1977, damaged 362 houses, destroyed 76 houses, and damaged many other buildings such as medical institutions, shopping malls, churches. In addition, the landslide caused by the earthquake caused damage to nearly 1 kilometer of roads, and the transmission lines damaged in the earthquake also caused power outages in many cities.

Miguel Yamazaki, director of the Preparatory Department of the Peruvian National Civil Defense Agency, said that the affected areas were sparsely populated and the houses were spacinged.

Most of the houses seriously damaged in the epicenter were adobe old houses, and wooden houses were not seriously damaged.Peruvian President Castillo said on social media that he had ordered the use of military aircraft to deploy relief personnel to the disaster area and promised to compensate all those who suffered losses caused by the earthquake.

Peru is located in the Pacific Rim seismic belt and is a earthquake-prone country. In 2007, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 in Ica Province, Peru, killed about 600 people and injured more than 1200.

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