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People in many parts of the United States lead a long queue of “relief food” on Thanksgiving.

People in many parts of the United States lead a long queue of "relief food" on Thanksgiving.

The severity of the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States has exacerbated the concerns of low-income people about food and clothing. According to U.S. media reports, as Thanksgiving approaches, the number of people applying for “relief food” in several states in the United States has increased significantly compared with previous years.

American people: Today we are distributing free turkey, free food, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We need these.

American people: I have been collecting food since I started distributing food. It should be that I worked for a period of time since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of this year, and then I was fired because of the epidemic.

A report from Rhode Island’s Community Food Center shows that a quarter of the state’s families face food shortages, and the demand for assistance from multiple food banks has climbed by about 26%.

The project manager of a charity in San Jose, California, said that the demand for food aid has more than tripled by city residents this year.

As part of the annual Thanksgiving food distribution, it is expected to “aid about 5,000 people, or more.” The director of the Second Harvest Food Relief Center in Santa Cruz County, California, said that the center assisted 70% more people than ever before.

The alarming situation is that 40% of those who come to collect food have never sought food assistance before.

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