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Pence announces the astronaut lineup of the US “Return to the Moon”: 9 men and 9 women

Pence announces the astronaut lineup of the US "Return to the Moon": 9 men and 9 women


December 10th – U.S. Vice President Pence announced on the 9th that 18 astronauts will participate in the U.S. plan to return to the moon. At the White House National Space Agency meeting held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Pence announced the list of the nine men and nine women astronauts and said that since the Apollo landing on the moon in 1971, human beings will return to the lunar surface.

According to Reuters on the 10th, so far, all astronauts on the moon are men. The U.S. lunar landing plan is 2024, but it may be delayed. Pence said that the selected astronauts “will take us back to the moon and beyond”.

According to previous reports in the U.S. media, Pence has said that the next important task of the United States in space is to establish a permanent base on the surface of the moon, thus helping American astronauts travel to Mars and other parts of the universe.

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