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Participating in the CIIE Russian traditional wine enters new markets

Participating in the CIIE Russian traditional wine enters new markets

The famous Russian sparkling wine brand Abraun Dusso participated in the CIIE for the second time this year. In 2018, Abram Dusso won the favor of Chinese consumers after participating in the CIIE for the first time. 

They opened an office in Shanghai last year and then opened an online shop in China. So, what kind of brand is Abram Dusseau? How well-known is it in Russia?

Abraun Dusseau, a small town in the Krasnodar Krai in southern Russia, is rich in grapes. 150 years ago, Tsar Alexander II ordered a winery to be built there to produce sparkling wine for the royal family. 

During the Soviet period, the small town became the Abram Dusseau farm, specializing in the production of “Soviet Champagne”. Therefore, when talking about “Abram Dusseau” in Russia, many people first think of a kind of Soviet champagne.

The former royal exclusive has long become a traditional wine loved by ordinary Russians.

Citizens of Moscow, Russia: This is a well-known brand of champagne and sparkling wine. Its quality is very good. It is a high-quality and affordable product.

When we came to the Abram Dusseau store in Moscow, we saw that some citizens had begun to purchase sparkling wine for the New Year. And Chinese netizens who are thousands of kilometers away from Moscow may also be buying Abram Dusso products from Russia online.

Opening a store on Taobao and Tmall and setting up a representative office in Shanghai are all development opportunities brought to them by the first CIIE in 2018.

Pavel Titov, President of Russia’s Abram Dusso Wine Group: Last time (participating in the CIIE), we met many good business partners. We have a new understanding of the Chinese market and started to adopt new Strategy. We have opened a representative office in China, and our team has been working at the CIIE these days.

This year, Abram Dusseau participated in the CIIE for the second time because they believed in the huge potential of the Chinese market. President Titov said that after the CIIE, they plan to promote the

Abram Dusso brand in 15 provinces in China. He knows that “live streaming with goods” is particularly popular in China now, and they also want to try their skills on TIKTOK.

Pavel Titov, President of Russia’s Abram Dusso Wine Group: We are ready to promote our products on TikTok and other social media platforms. We now have a complete plan. We will implement it in a few weeks. Welcome Everyone pays attention.

Headquarters reporter Song Yiping: The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami once said that champagne has no purpose but time, and it is necessary to turn on them at some important moments. The Shanghai International Import Expo is such a moment. Now our citizens can taste the Soviet champagne of the year, and today’s Abram Dusso without going abroad.

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