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Paris City Hall was fined 90,000 euros for having too many high-ranking women

The mayor of Paris was fined 90,000 euros for hiring too many women. The mayor responded.

Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris (AFP)

Paris City Hall was fined 90,000 euros for appointing too many women to high-level positions. According to AFP on the 15th, 11 of the 16 senior managers of the Paris City Hall in 2018, 11 were women, compared with 5 men, thus violating French gender equality laws.

Citing the penalty decision, the report said that the Paris City Hall violated a law that came into force in 2013, which stipulates that the single sex ratio of management positions should not exceed 60%, and violators will be fined.

In 2018, the proportion of male and female senior managers in Paris City Hall was 31% and 69%, which is obviously contrary to this law. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo believes that the fine is “ridiculous, unfair and irresponsible”.

She said she was “very happy to be fined” and would pay the fine together with the deputy mayor and other female staff. In addition, she believes that the social status of French women should be further improved, “in order to achieve gender equality, we should accelerate the pace and ensure that more women have access to jobs”.

French Minister of Public Service de Montcharin said that the ticket had been issued as early as 2018, and she hoped that the fine could be used to promote more women’s participation in public services.

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