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Pandemic situation in the UK is rapidly deteriorating due to the impact of the more infectious strain of the novel coronavirus, and the outlook is very uncertain.

Canada will require all immigration personnel to provide a negative coronavirus test.

This is the refrigeration equipment used to store coronavirus vaccines in the factory of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Michigan. This vaccine needs to be kept at minus 70 degrees Celsius. Xinhuanet Picture

Several British media reports show that the epidemic situation in the UK is rapidly deteriorating due to the impact of the more infectious strain of the novel coronavirus, and the outlook is very uncertain.

In response, not only has the British government’s epidemic prevention experts begun to call on the government to take more severe epidemic prevention measures, but the British health department has encouraged medical staff to work more overtime to cope with the impact of the epidemic on hospital medical resources.

It can be said that Britain is on the verge of entering a “wartime state” of epidemic prevention.

In a report on the 28th local time, the British Evening Standard showed how serious the current epidemic situation in Britain is with a very intuitive headline: the number of new cases in a single day reached a record 41.385 million, and the number of deaths in a single day was also 357.

At the same time, the total number of infected people and the total number of deaths in the UK reached more than 2.23 million and more than 70,000 respectively.

According to the British tabloid Daily Mail, an academic paper also predicted that British hospitals will usher in a wave of hospitalizations caused by the mutant strain of the novel coronavirus on the eve of 2021, with a record 20,000 hospitalizations, more than during the first outbreak of the epidemic on April 12 this year. The number of beds set by hospitals in the UK was 189,74 million people hospitalized.

The newspaper also said that many medical staff worried that the new round of the epidemic would overwhelm the British national health care system, because the situation in many hospitals is already similar to that of the “battlefield”.

A new report in the British newspaper The Independent shows that in a leaked letter, officials of the British National Health System have launched a “Call to Action” for medical staff in the worst-hit city of London in the UK, hoping that they can Work overtime on the basis of completing your own work to cope with the sharp increase in hospitalizations in London and help the health care system withstand the impact of the epidemic – although many British medical staff have sacrificed a lot of vacations and time to reunite with their families to fight the epidemic this year.

On the other hand, according to the European version of the American political information website Politico, the British government’s “Emergency Scientific Advisory Group”, which is responsible for advising on Britain’s epidemic prevention, also called on the British Boris government to take a stricter level than the now-capped “level 4” blockade. Lockdown measures, such as closing bars and stores selling non-essential products, as well as all secondary schools, further restricting people’s travel, etc.

Otherwise, these experts believe that the UK will not be able to contain the more infectious strain of COVID-19 that has appeared in the UK this fall but has only recently been discovered.

The expert advice also exclaimed by tabloids such as The Sun and The Mirror, saying that the UK may usher in the most feared “level 5 blockade”, and said that it may lead to people losing more “freedom”.

In a word, it seems that the new round of epidemic caused by the mutant strain of the novel coronavirus has put Britain in an urgent situation that it may enter a “wartime state” at any time.

However, no matter what measures the UK will take in the end, according to reports from the British and even European media, if the UK wants to successfully prevent the epidemic, there are still many shortcomings to be filled.

For example, whether the British people are willing to cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention work and blockade measures, or will they still go their own way, as many Western media reported yesterday that “more than 400 British tourists refuse to obey Switzerland’s quarantine measures and flee from ski resorts collectively”.

The Independent pointed out that although the British national health care system is mobilizing medical staff to work more overtime, it also exposes the problem of a large shortage of medical staff in the United Kingdom. If this staff gap is not filled as soon as possible, it may not be sustainable to continue to put pressure on the already exhausted existing personnel.

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