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Pandemic intertwined, the right way to the future looking back at the world in 2020

China's economy is fully recovering and recovering, winning the economic war against COVID-19

In 2020, mankind entered the third decade of the 21st century. The novel coronavirus has ravaged the whole world, with multiple trends of thought surging, multiple crises affecting, multiple disorderly stirring, and the world pattern has accelerated shock and reconstruction.

In chaos, there is determination and evolution. This year, people are looking for the future, and the world is faced with important choices of unity or division, openness or closure, cooperation or confrontation. People see in the change that there is emotion in the epidemic, truth in governance, and a turning point in the crisis.

This year, Chinese President Xi Jinping, with the global vision and mission of the leaders of major powers, intensively carried out the diplomacy of the heads of state, put forward China’s plan for global anti-epidemic and multilateral cooperation, and gathered important consensus.

This year, the concept of community of human destiny has become more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, carrying the hope of human society for health, safety, peaceful development and win-win cooperation, and pointing out the right path of the world for the world to get out of the haze of the epidemic and realize a better future.

Changes in the process of change, the world pattern accelerates its evolution

In 2020, the novel coronavirus ravaged the world. As of 17:34 CET on the 20th (034 Beijing time on the 21st), the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide reached 75110,651 and the number of deaths reached 1,68,395.

The sudden epidemic triggered a global crisis, and people from various countries had to press the “pause button”, and world economic growth was put in “back gear”. The epidemic has become another major change in the world’s century-old changes.

It not only tests the response and disposal ability of countries, but also catalyzes the increasing activity of the original change factors. Power politics and cold war thinking are slugging, unilateralism and protectionism are rampant against the current, and some statements and behaviors have even impacted the moral bottom line and the bottom line of the rule of law of human society.

Slander, blame, blockade, sanctions, assassination, conflict… aggravate economic difficulties, disrupt audio-visual judgment, undermine the global agenda, and accelerate the evolution of the pattern.

the world economy stalled seriously.

Affected by the epidemic, the global economy is in a quagmire, massive wealth has evaporated, trade and investment have fallen, financial markets have turbulent, fiscal policy expansion, and recovery momentum is lacking.

In some major economies, industries have shrunk, production has stopped, unemployment has risen, supply and demand are imbalanced, industrial chains have broken, and supply chains have been disordered.

The epidemic in the United States continues to hit the economy hard, and negative growth throughout the year is a foregone conclusion. The epidemic in Europe has been repeated several times, and the euro zone economy is expected to shrink by about 8%.

Japanese consumption continues to be weak, and foreign trade has fallen continuously. Russia, South Africa, Brazil and other emerging economies are dragged down by the epidemic, and economic volatility is uncertain.

the international order was frequently out of order.

Unilateralism, protectionism, populism and hegemonism are surging everywhere, impacting the theme of anti-epidemic and increasing the difficulty of anti-epidemic.

The United States has continuously undermined the international multilateral system with the United Nations at its core, has successively withdrawn from the World Health Organization and the Open Skies Treaty, interfering with the selection process of the Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

It exerts extreme pressure on other countries, often wielding sanctions sticks and abuses long-arm jurisdiction.

During the year, the security architecture was unstable in many places.

Political infighting in some countries has exacerbated social tearing and triggered international disputes.

In the name of “America First”, the United States has repeatedly had frictions with Europe, Turkey and other countries in the fields of economy, trade, security, arms purchase and other fields; negatively treats the extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and increases the risk of a new arms race; returns to the cold war mentality, engages in so-called “decoupling” and ideological confrontation, and pushes the world to division.

And the dangerous situation of confrontation.

In addition, Iran’s military commanders and nuclear scientists have been assassinated, India and Pakistan exchanged fire in Kashmir, and the Naka conflict reflects the game of great powers.

Wildfires, floods, earthquakes and locust infestations have aggravated concerns about climate change around the world.

Terrorist forces have borrowed the epidemic to return and make trouble in the Middle East, Africa and other places. Racial contradictions and gun violence remain the bloody social trauma of Western countries.

Alienation and insevere, multilateral cooperation accelerates the evolution

The “global village” has never been so quiet.

In 2020, affected by the shutdown, suspension of navigation, lockdown and foot bans, in most parts of the world, the once noisy sports venues, crowded beaches and beaches, busy airport hubs, and busy shopping malls have become very popular for a while.

People tighten their masks and their lifestyles have been deeply changed.

However, the world has not been dormant, and the interaction of civilization has not been interrupted.” Cloud diplomacy promotes new linkages, and the big crisis promotes new cooperation.

The evolution of the international pattern has accelerated and shifted gears, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is ready to start. Distancing and close cooperation have become the precious international positive energy in 2020.

despite the obstacles and difficulties, the international fight against the epidemic still marched hand in hand.

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres launched the Global Ceasefire Initiative and the Global Humanitarian Response Plan; the African Union, the European Union and ASEAN respectively convened high-level meetings to emphasize solidarity; the extraordinary summit of G20 leaders sent a positive signal to maintain world economic stability; WHO and the World Food Programme coordinated the establishment of the United Nations supply chain Special Task Force…

From the region to the global, from the government to the people, people have overcome various differences and carried out unprecedented cooperation.

The vast majority of countries have reached consensus and taken positive actions around multilateral cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

China’s diplomacy struggled forward.

In the face of the fierce impact of the epidemic and the increasingly complex external environment, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the Chinese people are united as one and united as one, took the lead in controlling the epidemic, taking the lead in carrying out international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, taking the lead in resuming work and production, taking the lead in restoring economic growth, and achieving a resistance that attracted worldwide attention. The effect of the epidemic.

With the diplomacy of the Head of State as the guide and the main line of unity and anti-epidemic, China has made new contributions to maintaining world peace and development.

We will adhere to expanding opening up and mutually beneficial cooperation, actively carry out relations with major powers, safeguard and expand the common interests of developing countries, and actively participate in the reform of the global governance system… China’s actions show the responsibility of a major power and win global praise.

the economic momentum has made great progress.

In the face of the epidemic and the countercurrent of globalization, the world economy and global confidence urgently need to strengthen the foundation.

During the epidemic, the global economic recovery as a whole continues the trend of “east rise and west decline”. Structural adjustments in global trade, manufacturing, logistics and other fields have appeared to varying degrees, and the economic development momentum of health and medicine-related industries is strong. Manufacturing in major countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa showed signs of recovery in the third quarter, and manufacturing in Asia achieved steady rise.

Countries have increased fiscal stimulus to hedge the negative impact of the epidemic, focusing on unemployment assistance, small enterprise assistance, key industrial support, financial security and other fields. Strengthening multilateral cooperation has become an important consensus among the countries of the world to resist the impact of the epidemic, and economic and trade cooperation among countries has gradually deepened. In November, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) set sail, which is a milestone for regional economy and even global economic stability.

China’s economy has recovered steadily under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. From the National Day Golden Week to the National Day Golden Week, to the “Double Eleven” to the strong driving of global economic resonance; from the resumption of work and production of overseas projects of the Belt and Road Initiative to the opening of special anti-epidemic trains in China-EU trains; from the new land and sea corridor in the west to fully explore new markets in Southeast Asia, to the “opening” of the Expo and the East Expo as scheduled. China continuously provides a valuable platform and power for the world economy.

Turn crisis into opportunity, accelerate the interpretation of innovative ideas

“There is no such thing as a huge historical disaster that is not compensated by the progress of history,” Engels said.

The COVID-19 epidemic, as well as the economic crisis, energy crisis, food crisis, humanitarian crisis, security crisis, trust crisis, etc. caused or intensified, are great tortures of the old concept of governance and a great test of the new concept of governance. Over the past year, the limitations of the old governance system have been constantly revealed. Global governance innovation, from concept to practice, obtains new interpretations in the crisis.

fate and common life are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

“We are all on the same ship. When the wind is high and the waves are high, we should be in the right direction…” At the 12th meeting of BRICS leaders in November, President Xi Jinping once again made an important explanation on building a community of human destiny, constantly enriching the profound connotation of this concept.

In the face of the epidemic, the fate of various countries is connected, and the fate of mankind is vividly reflected, and it has been widely and deeply recognized.

In the face of the epidemic, the big countries take the initiative to take responsibility and help the peers, which is a practical exercise to build a community of human health.

At the national level, China is building a bilateral destiny community with more and more friendly partners. At the regional level, all parties have reached consensus on building a community of destiny between the surrounding, Asia-Pacific, China-ASEAN, China and Africa, China-Arabism and China-Latin.

In the global field, China’s initiative to build a community of destiny and a community of human health in cyberspace, nuclear security, oceans and so on has been positively echoed.

The proposal and promotion of the concept of community with a shared future for mankind, which is in line with the trend of development and progress of the times and reflects the universal aspirations of people of all countries, is winning more and more and more understanding and support from the international community, and has become a new convergence point for innovative global governance.

the oriental wind came to inspire people.

Great times call for great wisdom. In 2020, the world will take more initiative to look at China and find new inspiration in China’s development.

From poverty alleviation to desertification control, from Shenzhen to Pudong, from 5G to AI, from “Beidou” to “Di’e”, from the digital economy to the new development pattern…

At a time when the historical mission of poverty alleviation is about to be completed and decisive achievements have been made in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the doorway, governance ideas and planning paths for China’s development are Una-seen global perspective has received high political attention, high-density academic research, and high-frequency media coverage.

China’s plan has become an active element of global innovation and development, promoting richer development themes, more open development concepts and more diversified development models.

the connotation of global governance has been innovative.

The epidemic will eventually end. But looking around the world, the multiple challenges exposed by global governance still exist: Where does the international system go? How to change the governance structure? Where is the direction of economic development? How should man and nature deal with it?

Over the past year, in the face of the shocks and setbacks of global governance, President Xi Jinping has comprehensively and systematically expounded China’s concept of global governance at a series of important multilateral conferences, and put forward China’s ideas and Chinese plans to actively respond to global challenges.

At the first phase of the 15th G20 leaders summit in November, President Xi Jinping gave a clear direction: strengthen the international system with the United Nations at its core, improve the governance structure of economic globalization, promote the healthy development of the digital economy, and improve the ability to meet global challenges…

It is wisdom that changes from time to time and is the determination to make things happen when it comes to nurture new opportunities in crises, seek run-in in friction, and lead the mainstream in turbulent currents.

In 2020, the epidemic is intertwined and thorns are rampant, but the sky is always going, and the right path is far away.

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