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Panama lifts travel restrictions at the end of ID cards. Some businesses will restart.

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January 14 According to a report by South American Newspaper Network, the Ministry of Health of Panama recently announced that the restrictions on shopping at the end of the ID card will be lifted from January 14, but the restrictions on gender travel will continue to be implemented.

At the same time, some industries in Panama will gradually resume operations.

According to reports, Panama’s Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, announced on the 12th that the restrictions on shopping according to the last number of identity cards have been lifted in various regions, but the restrictions on gender-based travel will continue to be implemented.

Sucre stressed that the government still prohibits all crowd gatherings, and the working meeting is only allowed to participate in up to 25 people, and participants must maintain physical distance.

Sucre also said that the weekend lockdown in Panama and Western Panama provinces will still be maintained, and the curfew will be adjusted to 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

However, from February 1, beauty salons, barbershops, etc. will be able to reopen; from February 14, car washes, tailors, shoe shops and restaurants will reopen through the use of acrylic screens; from March 1, gyms, massage parlors, lottery shops and racetracks will also reopen; from March 15 Beaches, cinemas, etc. will continue to receive tourists.

However, the above measures will still be changed at any time according to the development of the epidemic.

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