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Pakistani Prime Minister praised China’s development and China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic.

Pakistani Prime Minister praised China's development and China's achievements in fighting the epidemic.

In a recent interview with China Central Radio and Television station reporters in Pakistan, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that China has embarked on a unique development path and made great achievements in the past 30 years, and Pakistan is willing to learn from China’s development experience.

“While China has been hit by the coronavirus this year, China’s economy quickly recovered from the outbreak,” said Imran Khan. We are very happy to see our iron buddy’s economic recovery and economic growth so fast.

We need to learn a lot from China, because China’s economy has been a great success in the past 30 years and completely different from the Western development model.

Imran Khan said, “I personally think that two things that China has done are unique in human history.

One is the number of people in China who have been lifted out of poverty in the past 35 years, which has never been in human history, and the other is to fight corruption and promote integrity.

These two things are something my government wants to emulate.”

Imran Khan thanked China and Pakistan for the results of cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic since this year. He said that Pakistan saw that China had controlled the epidemic in a short period of time.

Therefore, when the epidemic broke out in Pakistan, the Pakistani government immediately asked China for help. China gave Pakistan great support in the fight against the epidemic, so Pakistan has also achieved good results in epidemic prevention and control.

“China sent a medical expert team here and supported Pakistan in anti-epidemic materials, which was very important at the beginning of the epidemic.

Of course, we later began to produce our own anti-epidemic materials, such as masks, ventilators, oxygen masks and other essentials, but China’s help is still very important to us, and China’s experience is also very important.

We have learned a lot from China’s anti-epidemic experience.

“Pakistan got out of trouble earlier than many countries, thanks to China’s help,” Imran Khan said.” Of course, we are facing a second wave of the epidemic now, and we are trying to control the epidemic.

But if we didn’t get help from China during the first wave of the pandemic, I don’t think we could have gotten that much control.”

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