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Pakistan will enter a period of national blockade

Pakistan will enter a period of national blockade

People on the streets of New Delhi wear homemade gauze

Pakistan will impose a total blockade on the country during the Eid al-Fitr holiday from May 8 to 15, according to a decision made last month by Pakistan’s National Command and Operations Center to respond to the new outbreak, local media reported Wednesday.

During the period of the national blockade, Pakistan will prohibit unnecessary movement of people and any form of aggregation.

Meanwhile, tourist attractions, parks and picnic spots, including beaches, remain closed across the country, while bakeries, food stores, medical and pharmaceutical shops offering basic living services are open.

Faisal Sultan, Pakistan’s special assistant to the prime minister in charge of the national health service, said the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus could rise again if precautions were not taken “at a critical time”.

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