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Pakistan launches joint naval exercises: Russia NATO will be in the same frame for the first time in 10 years

December 10 According to report by the Russian News Agency on the 10th, in February 2021, 30 countries, including Russia and NATO, will hold a “AMAN-2021” joint maritime exercise in Pakistani waters, which will be the first joint maritime military exercise between Russia and NATO in 10 years.

It is reported that the joint naval exercise was initiated by the Pakistani Navy and conducted in the waters near the Pakistani port city of Karachi. Representatives of 30 countries confirmed their attendance, including 10 countries, including Russia, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Send a navy, and the remaining 20 countries send official observers to attend.

According to the report, the purpose of the joint military exercise is to strengthen maritime security and stability, enhance military cooperation and exchange of experience among participating countries, and combat maritime crimes to strengthen maritime trade. It is worth mentioning that this is the first joint naval exercise between Russia and NATO in 10 years, the last joint military exercise held on the coast near Spain in 2011.

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