Pakistan: Chinese-aid coronavirus vaccine will be used for free vaccination among people

Photos taken on December 8, 2018 show the sixth batch of doctors of the Chinese medical aid team to Malawi test local residents for malaria during a free consultation at the Kadidi Village Health Center in Brandair City, southern Malawi.

January 28th, according to a report by the Pakistan Business Chronicle on the 28th, Pakistan’s special assistant to the Prime Minister and medical expert in charge of national health affairs, Fesso Sudan, said that Pakistan has registered 400,000 medical workers for the coronavirus vaccine, and China’s assistance to Pakistan’s vaccine will It is free for people. Fesso Sultan said that

Pakistan hopes to get the first batch of coronavirus vaccines from China National Pharmaceutical Group in early February.

Pakistan’s Drug Administration has recently granted the State Pharmaceutical Group China’s emergency use authorization for the biological coronavirus vaccine, which is Pakistan’s second coronavirus vaccine approved for emergency use.