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Oxford University formulates a new rule: prohibit teachers from developing relationships with students

Oxford forcing students and faculty to participate in "unconscious bias training" has been criticized.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 20th, Oxford University is considering issuing new regulations prohibiting teachers from developing relationships with students and having sexual contact.

Oxford University may become the second top university in Britain to explicitly prohibit “teacher-student love” after University College London.

According to the report, the current policy of the school is only “strongly recommended” not to develop “teacher-student love”, but it is not explicitly prohibited or punished.

Some people worry that if the school acquiesces in the close relationship between teachers and students, women will be at risk of harassment. Others worry that students will be in the dilemma of “harassed but afraid to report” for performance reasons. The new regulation will target all teaching teachers or student tutors. If the ban is violated, the lighter will be formally warned, and the heavier will be fired.

Recently, St. Hugh’s College of Oxford has voted to prohibit its faculty from developing close relationships with the students they teach, and Worcester College of the university has followed St. Hugh’s College to vote on this rule.

The Sunday Times said that the Oxford University Board of Education will decide whether to impose the ban on a university-wide basis before the New Year.

It is reported that Ivy League universities in the United States, such as Harvard University and Yale University, have issued a ban on “teacher-student love”, and University College London in the United Kingdom issued a ban earlier this year.

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