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Order and send potatoes! Burger King of France “brings goods” to local farmers

Order and send potatoes! Burger King of France "brings goods" to local farmers

Burger King Fast Food Restaurant in France recently launched a new activity. Customers can get 1 kilogram of potatoes as long as they enter the store for consumption.

According to the French Sunday Daily on January 31, in order to help local farmers sell potatoes, Burger King stores in France innovated the way of “carrying goods” and gave consumers 1 kilogram of “made in France” potatoes for free.

According to the report, Burger King of France will give away 200,000 kilograms of potatoes this time. Consumers can use these potatoes to make French fries, potato cheese and mashed potatoes.

Burger King said that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the local catering industry seriously, and everyone can only switch to takeout.

Farmers’ potatoes have also suffered from serious unsalable sales. Consumers not only supported Burger King’s business this time, but also indirectly helped farmers’ friends.

In addition to helping farmers “bring goods” potatoes this time, Burger King called on customers unprecedentedly during the second round of the pandemic blockade last year, “in order to support the national catering industry, please go to our competitor McDonald’s to place an order”.

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