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Optimistic outlook for the UK-Europe negotiations? Von der Lein says good progress

Optimistic outlook for the UK-Europe negotiations? Von der Lein says good progress

October 30. According to the British “Guardian” report on the 29th, European Commission President Von der Lein made an optimistic comment on the status of the Brexit negotiations, saying that trade and security negotiations between the UK and the EU are being made. Good progress.

Data map: On January 29, local time, the European Parliament approved the “Brexit” agreement. The picture shows the parliamentarians holding high the banner of “Forever Unity” after the voting. China News Agency issued photos for EU

After the seven-day negotiations ended in London, the two sides continued their negotiations in Brussels. Von Delane said: “We are making good progress, but (there are) two key issues: a level playing field and fisheries. We hope to see more breakthroughs in these two areas.

Von der Lein said: “We are in very close contact every hour, because negotiations have been strengthened now…There are still 11 areas of documents to be discussed.”

The British government said last week that the negotiations have ended. The unresolved issues include the UK’s access to British waters to be provided to the EU fishing fleet, commercial fair competition rules (including domestic subsidy rules), and mechanisms to resolve future disputes.

Von Delane said that the negotiators will conduct in-depth studies on how to build a mechanism. If the two parties have a clear breach of their obligations, they will allow either party to suspend part of the agreement.

European Council President Michel revealed that next week may assess the situation of the negotiations, the EU hopes to start the formal ratification (agreement) procedures in mid-November.

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