One person has died and 12 are missing after a U.S. ship capsized

April 14 he U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday that an engineering ship capsized in waters near the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, killing one crew member and missing 12 others. Six crew members were rescued.

Coast Guard official Will Watson said at a news conference on the 14th that the capsized vessel was carrying 19 people and that the missing crew members may still be trapped on board. The Coast Guard is using boats and helicopters to search and rescue the area, where bad weather has made it difficult to search and rescue.

According to reports, the engineering ship for offshore oil field operations, local time on the afternoon of the 13th from the louisiana port of Fulxiong to the east.

At that time, there were heavy rain, strong winds and huge waves in the area where the vessel was sailing. At about 16:30 local time, the vessel was found capsized in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.