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One person dies of COVID-19 every 15 minutes! About one in five residents of Los Angeles County in the United States have been diagnosed with infection.

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January 4th local time, Los Angeles County officials said that they had previously worried that people’s gatherings and travels would bring a new wave of COVID-19 infection climax during the holiday.

Now after the holiday, the surge in confirmed cases of COVID-19 has come as scheduled. Officials said that about one in five residents of Los Angeles County now have been diagnosed with COVID-19, which is like a “human disaster”. 

Barbara Ferrell, the county’s public health director, said that the county has a total of 7,697 patients hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19, which is the highest level of confirmed cases in the county, with 21% of them in intensive care.

Los Angeles County reported 77 deaths on January 4, bringing the county’s cumulative number of COVID-19 deaths to 10,850. 

According to Ferrer, Los Angeles County now has one person dying of COVID-19 every 15 minutes. 

However, Ferrer and other staff predict that the number of coronavirus deaths in Los Angeles County is likely to continue to soar.

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