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One in eight “recovered” of coronavirus patients died within 140 days.

One in eight "recovered" of coronavirus patients died within 140 days.


January 18th According to the British newspaper The Sun on the 18th, a study found that one in eight patients with COVID-19 who have “recovered” and discharged from the hospital will die within 140 days.

Of the 47,780 first people to be discharged from the UK, 29.4 percent returned to hospital within 140 days, with 12.3% dying, according to the University of Leicester and the National Bureau of Statistics survey.

British media said that long-term COVID-19 can cause heart problems, diabetes and chronic liver and kidney diseases.

The results of the study were presented by Kamlish Kunti, a professor at the University of Leicester.

“This is the largest study to be done for COVID-19 patients who are discharged from the hospital,” he said.” Patients seem to recover and return home, but they are suffering from (COVID-19) for a long time and have to return to the hospital and then die.”

He also said, “It can be seen that nearly 30% of patients return to hospitals, which is really large.”

British media said that the latest study shows that if COVID-19 patients return to the hospital with serious diseases a few months after they are “recovered” from the hospital, it may mean that the real death toll from COVID-19 will be higher.

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