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On the first day of Trump’s departure, he went to play golf.

On the first day of Trump's departure, he went to play golf.

(Trump played golf in Florida on Thursday. Picture/CNN)

U.S. media exposed the first day of Trump’s departure: playing golf.

According to the Washington Observer, on January 21 local time, the first day of Trump’s outgoing presidency, some American media photographed him playing golf in his club.

After spending the night at Mar-a-Lago, Trump reportedly took a bus to Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

According to the report, about 12 SUVs stopped at the main entrance of the club.

This outing is not surprising.

According to the US media, statistics show that Trump played about 261 rounds of golf during his presidency, 5.6 times an average. Among them, West Palm Beach Club is his favorite, playing 87 rounds.

On January 20th local time, former US President Trump and Melania arrived in Florida on Air Force One.

Trump arrived at the ideal place of retirement.

According to foreign media reports, Trump plans to stay in his private club Mar-a-a-Lago in Florida after leaving office.

Florida was previously described as its “ideal retirement place” by the Washington Post.

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