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On the first day of the New Year in the United States, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeded 20 million, and hospitals everywhere were in urgent need.

Former French Prime Minister Philippe tested positive for COVID-19

In the hours after 2021, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has exceeded 20 million, and experts believe that the worst is “behind yet.”

According to CNN’s COVID-19 tracking project data, the United States has set a record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations for four consecutive days.

On December 31, more than 125,370 coronavirus patients were hospitalized in the United States, which was the fourth consecutive day that the number broke the record.

The report pointed out that these record-breaking figures remind people that even in the new year, the novel coronavirus will continue to ravage nationwide and may face worse conditions in the coming months.

“We will still be going through the toughest and darkest days,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told CNN on December 31.

According to reports, the aggravation of the coronavirus epidemic in California has led to a sharp rise in the number of hospitalizations.

It is difficult to find one bed, and often only waits for one patient to die before vacating the bed for other patients.

California health officials said that Los Angeles County and other parts of California have been battling the surge of COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks, and the outbreak has worsened partly because of holiday gatherings.

Dr. Christina Ghaly, director of health services in Los Angeles County, said the pandemic is pushing hospitals to the “brink of disaster”.

Data from the COVID-19 Tracking Project shows that the number of patients admitted to hospitals in Georgia has doubled since mid-November.

The Atlanta Convention Center will be transformed into a temporary hospital starting on January, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office said in a statement.

In addition, Arizona health officials said that the number of new cases in the state remains high every day, and hospitalizations and deaths are increasing accordingly.

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