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On the first day of Greece’s unsealing, a large number of people took a boat trip to the island for their holiday

On the first day of Greece's unsealing, a large number of people took a boat trip to the island for their holiday

The Greek government lifted domestic travel restrictions from 6 a.m. local time on May 14. In the morning, a large number of people flocked to the pier of the port of Piraeus near Athens, holding test certificates to board the ship to various popular islands for vacation, including some tourists from Austria and the United States.

According to Greek official regulations, restrictions on people travelling to the islands differ from those on inland travel. For people travelling to the island by ferry or flight, one of the following documents must be mandatory: vaccination certificate, two doses must be completed 14 days ago; For people travelling inland by car, there is no need to provide proof of testing, but it is highly recommended to self-test for coronaviruses and to take personal protective measures when travelling.

Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Prakiotakis arrived at the port of Piraeus early on the 14th, he told the media: “Today is the first day to lift the cross-regional travel restrictions, for people travelling to the island, must hold a coronavirus test negative certificate or vaccination certificate.” At the same time, from today, the passenger capacity of ships with cabins can be increased to 85%, while for ships without cabins, the passenger rate can be increased to 80%. ”

The minister added: “Shipping company and Coast Guard officials will check whether people have travel documents at the ship’s docks so that passengers can enjoy the journey and live their summer lives safely, and all passengers and crew on the journey will be subject to personal protection measures.”

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