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On average, someone in the United States has died of COVID-19 in 33 seconds in the past week.

The unfair distribution of the global new Coronavirus vaccine, why does the West not mention human rights at this time?

On December 21, in Connecticut, United States, medical staff prepared for the coronavirus vaccine. Picture/People's Vision

January 4th local time, according to the analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, in the past week (December 28 to January 3), the United States has averaged one COVID-19-related death in 33 seconds.

A total of 18,462 deaths from COVID-19 were reported from December 28 to January 3, with an average of over 2,600 deaths per day.

December was the deadliest coronavirus pandemic month in the United States: 77,572 deaths from COVID-19, with an average of more than 2,500 a day.

In comparison, the number of deaths in November was 36,964, in April it was 60,738, and in May it was 41,703.

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