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O’Brien said the US Coast Guard is deploying enhanced response ships in the Western Pacific, and the reason is related to China.

O'Brien said the US Coast Guard is deploying enhanced response ships in the Western Pacific, and the reason is related to China.

According to the latest news from Reuters, Robert O’Brien, assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs, stated on October 23 local time that the US Coast Guard is deploying Enhanced Response Cutters in the Western Pacific to perform maritime security missions. As for the deployment intention, without providing any evidence, O’Brien once again pointed the finger at China, claiming that the latter “illegal fishing and harassing ships.”

According to the report, O’Brien described the United States as a “power in the Pacific” in a statement and accused China of “illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing operations, and “harassing” in the Indian Ocean. -Ships operating in the exclusive economic zones of other countries in the Pacific” claimed that China “threatens the sovereignty of the United States and its neighbors in the Pacific, and also endangers regional stability.”

Reuters: The United States will deploy Coast Guard ships in the Western Pacific as a response to China

O’Brien said, “For this reason, the US Coast Guard is strategically deploying enhanced response ships to the Western Pacific.” As for the number of these ships and the docking area, Reuters said the statement did not give details.

Regarding the tasks undertaken by these ships, O’Brien said that they will perform maritime security tasks, such as fishery patrols, and cooperate with “regional partners with limited offshore surveillance and law enforcement capabilities” to improve law enforcement capabilities in the maritime sector. O’Brien also mentioned in the statement that the US Coast Guard plans to evaluate the feasibility of deploying Fast Response Cutters in the American Samoa region in the South Pacific in the next fiscal year.

The report said that for O’Brien’s statement, the US Coast Guard did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As Trump’s national security adviser, O’Brien has repeatedly discredited China and made anti-China remarks. Recently, he also declared that China’s communist ideological agenda is going global and “posed a threat to democratic ideals.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on October 22 that O’Brien’s statement was based on The heart of the United States is in the belly of China, ignoring history and reality, and is full of strong ideological prejudice and Cold War mentality. A small group of American politicians instigated ideological opposition deliberately to lead the world into a “new cold war.” It is the resurgence of McCarthyism, which goes against the trend of history, is unpopular, and is doomed to failure.

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