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Not only accounts should be banned, but also “mantras” should also be banned.

Not only accounts should be banned, but also "mantras" should also be banned.

Pictures of Trump's spoofs on social networking sites

After the riots in the U.S. Capitol, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter “started the operation” of Trump’s account for the first time.

Among them, Facebook and its Instagram announced that Trump’s postings would be banned “at least for the next two weeks” until Biden completes the transfer of power.

In order to “protect” Biden’s inauguration, Facebook will ban the “mantra” of Trump and his supporters after banning people.

On January 11th local time, Facebook issued a statement announcing that Facebook and Instagram will delete posts and groups containing “stop the steal”. T

he Trump camp often uses the slogan to accuse Biden of “stealing election results”.

Facebook said they have seen the next two weeks as a “major civic event” since last week’s Washington violence, and is taking steps to stop misinformation and content that could “induce further violence” in the coming weeks.

Facebook said in a statement that as early as last November, the company deleted a group called Stop Theft.

After that, they continued to remove any pages, groups and activities that violated relevant policies, including incitement to violence, based on election results.

However, as some organizations continue to try to overturn the election results, which increases the possibility of violence, and Congressional riot participants have always regarded “Stop Theft” as a slogan, Facebook decided to take additional measures before Biden’s inauguration: delete a large number of posts containing “Stop Theft” and “according to law”. Block” related accounts.

The statement also mentioned that Facebook and Instagram will suspend all advertisements about politics and elections in the United States in addition to announcing a “indefinite suspension” of Trump accounts on January 7.

This means that Facebook will not allow any politicians, including Trump, to put advertisements on the platform.

In addition, Facebook will provide “reliable information and high-quality news” about the inauguration and the presidential transition.

On January 6, Trump supporters flooded into Washington, D.C., and violently hit the Capitol, causing bloodshed. During this period, Trump continued to repeatedly incite on social media.

According to U.S. media statistics, several social softwares, including Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, subsequently took “banning” or “restrictions” measures against Trump.

Facebook and its Instagram announced that Trump posts were banned “at least for the next two weeks”.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, said on the 11th that the violence in the Capitol was “largely” not organized through Facebook’s services.

It is worth noting that these social software have “slied out” Trump’s actions, raising concerns about the “abuse of power” of large technology companies in Germany and France.

According to Bloomberg on the 11th, German Chancellor Merkel said on the same day that it should be up to national legislatures to set rules governing freedom of expression, not private technology companies.

She believes that “it is problematic to completely close the accounts of elected presidents”.

Merkel’s position was endorsed by some French officials.

Clement Beaune, France’s junior minister for EU affairs, said he was “shocked” to see a private company make such an important decision and called for public regulation of large network platforms.Click to enter the topic:

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