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Not guilty! In the innocence of 20 years late, the eighth case in Huacheng, South Korea was retried and sentenced.

Not guilty! In the innocence of 20 years late, the eighth case in Huacheng, South Korea was retried and sentenced.

December 17 According to South Korean media reports, on the 17th, the Suwon District Court of South Korea retrialed the eighth case of South Korea’s “Li Chunzai serial murder case” (formerly Huacheng serial murder case) that triggered the “real murder dispute”. The court acquitted Yin, who had been unjustly imprisoned for 20 years in this case.

According to reports, the refereeing department said that due to the false behavior of the investigation organs in the past, it made a wrong judgment.

The Adjudication Department also said that “as a member of the Ministry of Justice, I apologize to the defendants who have suffered great mental and physical pain in the long prison disaster” and “hopes that this sentence will help the defendant’s reputation recover”.

After the court acquitted the defendant, the lawyers and legal persons who had been helping Yin in the retrial, as well as many spectators, applauded and expressed their joy.

According to the introduction, Li Chunzai’s serial murder occurred between 1986 and 1991, involving 10 cases. Li Chunzai previously admitted 14 homicides, including 10 serial homicides, and more than 30 sexual crimes, including the eighth serial homicides.

The eighth case was found to be a parody crime because it was slightly different from several other cases. South Korean police arrested Yoon that year, identified him as the murderer, and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Yin was released on parole in 2009 after serving 20 years in prison.

After Li Chunzai admitted his crime, Yin said that he made a false statement under the “compulsory investigation” of the police.

On November 13, 2019, the court accepted Yin’s application for a retrial. He claimed that he had spent 20 years of “injust prison” for the eighth case of the case and asked the prosecution to comment on whether to start the retrial.

Since then, the prosecution has taken over information such as the investigation record of the case from the police. In the course of research, the prosecution has grasped the serious mistakes in the past investigations. On December 11 of the same year, the prosecution said that it would start investigating the case.

At present, the statute of limitations for prosecution for 14 homicides and more than 30 sexual crimes committed by Li Chunzai has expired and cannot be convicted.

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