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Nobel Prize Official: Marie Curie’s notes are still radioactive and will last for 1500 years

Nobel Prize Official: Marie Curie's notes are still radioactive and will last for 1500 years

November 10th. A few days ago, the Nobel Prize official Twitter issued a popular science announcement saying that the experimental notebook used by Mrs. Curie is still radioactive today and will last for 1,500 years.

According to the Twitter content, Marie Curie died of aplastic anemia in 1934. She has worked for many years and has been exposed to radiation. Even today, the notebooks she used in the laboratory from 1899 to 1902 are still radioactive and will last for 1500 years.

Old photos of Madame Curie (Nobel Prize official website)

The Nobel Prize official website also mentioned that Madame Curie’s death may be caused by long-term exposure to radiation. Some of her books and papers are still strongly radioactive and must be kept in lead boxes. 

“This also shows that the scientific heritage left by Madame Curie is actually inaccessible.” The official website of the Nobel Prize called her “the idol of modern science.”

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland and graduated from the University of Paris. She is a famous scientist, physicist, chemist, and pioneer of radiological research. She is known as “Mrs. Curie”. She discovered the radioactive elements polonium (Po) and radium (Ra), becoming the first person in the world to win two Nobel Prizes.

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