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Nine members of a New York baseball team have been infected with the coronavirus

Nine members of a New York baseball team have been infected with the coronavirus

Coronavirus vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson in the United States

NEW YORK Yankees baseball manager Aaron Boone said Thursday that the team tested positive for the coronavirus virus for nine members that week and had previously been vaccinated against Johnson’s coronavirus.

CNN quoted Boone as saying the latest confirmed person was a team member and another staff member was identified as a close contact. Given the team’s current game against the Golden State Warriors in Baltimore, the newly confirmed staff member, who has not been identified, will be quarantined locally.

In the past week, a total of nine of the Yankees’ players, three coaches and five staff members have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. They were diagnosed with the infection during a routine check-up in Major League Baseball. Only one of the infected people has developed symptoms and has improved. The latest confirmed person is in “good condition”.

Those infected with the Yankees have previously been vaccinated against Johnson. The Yankees relaxed their vaccinations after 85 percent of the team completed their vaccinations, AFP reported. For example, members do not need to be isolated even in close contact with a person diagnosed with an infection.

Rosie Wollensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the men developed mild or no symptoms after infection because “vaccines are working.”

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