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Newsletter: Perseverance and Retrograde in the Epidemic–Documentary of Epidemic Prevention and Production of the Red Line Light Rail Construction Project in Tel Aviv, Israel

Newsletter: Perseverance and Retrograde in the Epidemic--Documentary of Epidemic Prevention and Production of the Red Line Light Rail Construction Project in Tel Aviv, Israel

Jerusalem, November 26th, Newsletter: Perseverance and Retrograde in the Epidemic Situation Documentary of Epidemic Prevention and Production of the Red Line Light Rail Construction Project in Tel Aviv, Israel

In November, temperatures remained high in many parts of Israel. At the site of the Red Line Light Rail Project in the central city of Tel Aviv, technicians and workers from China are fully promoting the construction of the project in the face of the hot sun.

The Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail Project, contracted by Chinese-funded enterprises, is the first light rail line in the city’s urban rail transit planning. After the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of this year, builders from China either stick to it or come retrograde from China to fight against the epidemic while ensuring production, showing courage and responsibility.

At 7:00 a.m. every working day, Wu Yuanxin, a Chinese worker, will take a bus with his colleagues to the site of the Red Line Light Rail Project. They queued up in an orderly manner, and then went into their own work area after receiving temperature tests. His China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group undertook the civil construction project of the West Standard Section of the Red Line Light Rail.

Workers are busy dressing columns, laying cables, mechanical drilling sound buzzing u2026u2026 “It’s a pandemic now that I work separately with my colleagues, wear masks and keep more than two meters away from each other. Although we are far away from our colleagues, our work is going on normally. At present, 13.2 kilometers of track and 332 contact mesh columns in the vehicle yard have been fully completed.” Wu Yuanxin said.

In the southern section of the ground of the Red Line Light Rail Project, engineer Zhou Lin is busy directing the workers to debug. He hasn’t returned to China for more than a year, and jokes that his persistence is not an exception.” One colleague has been in Israel for 29 months, and another colleague has voluntarily postponed his wedding due to the epidemic and production and sticks to the project.

Compared with Wu Yuanxin and Zhou Lin, Xin Jianping, an employee in the southern section of the ground, is a “newcomer” to the project. On November 7, he arrived in China Railway’s resumed work charter plane and put into the field work after finishing the quarantine in accordance with the regulations of the Party.

At present, the overseas epidemic situation is still serious. When it comes to his “retrograde”, Xin Jianping said that this decision is not easy.” Of course, there was a struggle, but before I came, I learned about the situation from my colleagues in I and I won the understanding of my family. During the epidemic, the protection of the project is very good, and I hope my family can rest assured. Xin Jianping said.

According to the cooperation agreement between China and Israel, the light rail railway is scheduled to officially open at the end of next year and is currently in the sprint stage. Lu Huange, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Israel Branch of China Railway Tunnel Bureau, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has taken a variety of measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic on production progress.

“In order to ensure that the project achieves the node goal as a priority, since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have organized two charter flights to replenish the 227 professional and technical personnel urgently needed by the project to arrive in Israel.” Lu Huange said.

Under the special background of the epidemic, while ensuring the steady progress of construction and production, ensuring the safety of personnel has also become the focus of Chinese enterprises.

According to the introduction, in addition to routine temperature measurement, wearing masks, daily disinfection and other epidemic prevention measures, the institutions of China Railway Israel also adopt grid management, release employee health testing APP, and actively publicize epidemic prevention knowledge and China’s epidemic prevention experience to foreign employees and foreign partners. So far, 1,508 Chinese and foreign employees have “zero suspicion and zero infection”.

Today, the Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail Construction Project, a project full of expectations from Chinese builders and the Israeli people, is approaching its end. On the road section, ticket vending machines and other supporting facilities have been installed; on the vehicle section, several brand-new Chinese-made trains are on standby.

“Through the practice of epidemic prevention, Chinese enterprises have demonstrated the important role of China in participating in the global fight against the epidemic and promoting world economic and social development.

At the same time, we hope that this project of friendship between China and China can be completed as soon as possible and the employees can return home safely. Zhang Yongkang, executive general manager of the international business department of China Railway Co., Ltd. and general manager of China Railway Israel Branch, said.

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