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New Zealand: Community cases originated in Australia Mask injunction escalation

New Zealand: Community cases originated in Australia Mask injunction escalation

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adun said at the outbreak launch on the 18th, genetic sequencing shows that the 17th confirmed a new community coronavirus case infected with the Delta strain, the source of the outbreak from New South Wales, Australia. As of noon on the 18th, New Zealand has added a total of 7 new confirmed cases of coronavirus pandemic in the community.

Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of The New Zealand Department of Health, said at a press conference on the same day that the trend towards the youngness of confirmed cases was clear, with most in their 20s. According to the Ministry of Health’s analytical model, the number of infections this round may be as high as 120 people. “It’s important to find them as quickly as possible.”

As the source of the infection came from Australia, the New Zealand government urged new people returning from Australia after July 23 to be tested.

To strengthen the pandemic prevention, the New Zealand Government announced further upgrades to the mask injunction. Starting from the 18th, people over 12 years of age are required to wear masks or use other fabrics to cover their mouths and noses when entering public places or taking public transport. Previously, the injunction applied only to public transport vehicles that could not ensure social distance.

After Auckland reported a confirmed case of community coronavirus on the 17th, the New Zealand government responded quickly, announcing that the country had entered the highest level of outbreak prevention and control from midnight on the 17th to a level four response model. This is the second confirmed case of coronavirus in the community has been reported in New Zealand in the last six months since 28 February.

The New Zealand government is urging all people to step up their appointments for the new vaccine. Ministry of Health data show that as of the 17th, 954415 people in the country completed two doses of vaccination, less than a fifth of the total population. Of the seven newly confirmed community cases, one has been vaccinated by health care workers.

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