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New York Governor’s Sexual Harassment Scandal Appears Third Allegation, State Attorney General Announces Investigation

New York Governor's Sexual Harassment Scandal Appears Third Allegation, State Attorney General Announces Investigation

After two former employees accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, a third woman publicly pointed out Cuomo’s inappropriate behavior towards her.

Anna Ruch, 33, said that Cuomo, who first met her, put his hand on Ruch’s bare back at a wedding in September 2019. When she removed his hand, the governor said she looked “aimist” and put her hand on her cheek and asked if he could kiss her. The loud voice can be heard even by friends standing nearby.

Anna Ruch said she felt “uncomfortable and embarrassed” when Cuomo put her hand on her face and asked to kiss her. The New York Times

“I was so confused, shocked and embarrassed at the time,” Luch said. I turned my head and didn’t say anything at that moment. Her memories were supported by friends who attached photos of the event of the day.

Rucci is a former member of the former Obama administration and the 2020 Biden presidential campaign. She is the third woman in a week to accuse Cuomo of misconduct and sexual harassment against her.

On Monday (March 1), the investigation team set up by the New York State legislature in the series said they expected more allegations to appear.

Meanwhile, state attorney general Letitia James announced that he would investigate Cuomo.

Cuomo is one of the most famous governors in the United States. He is the son of the former Secretary of Housing and the former Governor of New York.

On February 28, he admitted for the first time that some of his behaviors towards women “may be less sensitive or too personal”. He also said he would cooperate with the state attorney general’s investigation.

“I admit that some of the things I said were misunderstood as an unnecessary flirtation. In a way, I am very sorry about this.” Cuomo said.

At present, Cuomo is facing increasing criticism within the Democratic Party. New York City Mayor de Blasio also criticized Cuomo on Monday: “He obviously wants to put himself aside from things that are very horrible for the women involved.”

White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki said Monday that President Biden supports the state attorney general’s investigation. She noted that Biden asked his officials to be polite and respected, and that his demands were treated equally.

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