Nearly 100000 victims of the US Scout organization exposed to large-scale sexual assaults filed allegations

American Scout poster. (AFP)

November 17th. US media reported that one of the country’s largest youth organizations has been exposed to nearly 100,000 sexual abuse incidents by its leadership over the past few decades. The incident is shocking.

According to the Associated Press, as of November 17, about 95,000 victims of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) had made their allegations. Victims’ attorney Michael Pfau said that Monday (16th) night is the deadline for those who wish to obtain compensation from BSA to submit claims.

BSA said in a statement: “Because of the past abuse in the Scouting movement has affected the lives of many people, and those who bravely stood up, their courage moved us”, “We are heartbroken and cannot be eliminated. Their pain.” According to reports, in order to avoid payment and settlement claims, BSA filed for bankruptcy in February 2020. Subsequently, BSA transferred the claim back to the compensation fund, but did not specify how much it plans to spend through the fund to compensate the victims.

According to reports, as many states in the United States expand the statute of limitations on allegations of child sexual assault, since 2012, there have been more lawsuits against Boy Scout organizations. That year, BSA was also “bombed” by allegations of sexual abuse. In 2012, the Los Angeles Times published an internal document detailing the details of allegations of sexual abuse. The disclosed documents show some suspects in leadership positions at the BSA, such as the chief investigator and unit leaders.

It is reported that the BSA is composed of approximately 2.2 million young members aged 5 to 21, and approximately 800,000 volunteers in the US local councils. According to BSA, the organization provides young people with “interesting life, hands-on learning opportunities and a sense of accomplishment, so that children are in action and ready for today and their future.”