Nearly 1,000 cases have been diagnosed in Seoul Detention Center, South Korea. The Ministry of Justice has been criticized for delay in responding to it.

According to the Ministry of Justice of South Korea and the Department of Disease Management on the 31st, with the continuous fermentation of cluster infections in the detention center in eastern Seoul, a total of 968 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in places serving sentences across the country.

The Ministry of Justice is accused of ineffective in responding to the early stage of the epidemic.

On the same day, one new death was added to the Seoul Detention Center, and the number of deaths related to the detention center increased to two.

The death was a male in his 30s with high blood pressure and died while waiting in an ambulance because he could not find a suitable treatment hospital. As a result, the Ministry of Justice has been constantly controversial, such as the delay.

Since the earliest case of infection was confirmed in the Eastern Detention Center on November 27, the detention center has conducted four surveys of staff and detainees this month, with a total of 918 confirmed cases and 126 new cases on the same day.

Five new cases were diagnosed on the same day among the detainees who were transferred to other detention center after the second census results were negative.