Nashville police confirmed that human remains were found near the scene of the explosion.

△ Local police in Vovatosa blockade the scene of the shooting

According to Fox News, Nashville police confirmed that human debris had been found near the scene of the Nashville explosion.

According to previous reports, an explosion occurred in downtown Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, on the morning of the 25th, injuring three people.

Police suspected that the explosion was “intentional”.

Don Allen, spokesman of the Nashville Police Department, said at a press conference that at about 6:30 local time, a suspicious car exploded in downtown Nashville.

Three of the injured had been sent to hospital for treatment, and their lives were not in danger. The police regarded the bombing as “intentional act”.

According to US media reports, the explosion was located in the tourist area of Nashville, with many bars, restaurants and shops.

The explosion destroyed several cars nearby and damaged some buildings.

Pictures from local TV stations show that the street caught fire and smoke billowed.

Witnesses said that the windows of his house were blown away.

The area where the incident occurred has been blockaded, and the local police and relevant federal agencies are investigating the incident.