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Nasa Awards Launch Contract for SPHEREx, Take NASA’s big order! SpaceX will be responsible for SPHEREx launch mission

SpaceX "Dragon" spacecraft successfully rendies with the International Space Station

NASA has signed a contract with SpaceX for the launch mission of the SPHEREX Space Telescope Project. The SPHEREx project will map the whole sky with near infrared light, and the mission may be launched as early as 2024. Image Source: Screenshot of NASA website.

February 6 According to a report by the Russian Satellite Network on the 6th, NASA of the United States has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch the SPHEREx space telescope project.

This mission aims to understand the evolution of the universe and the formation of galaxies.

As part of NASA’s two-year astrophysics mission SPHEREX project, it is reported that SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will be responsible for launching the space telescope.

NASA also said that the cost of the new mission was nearly $100 million.

Space telescopes will search for water and organic molecules around the star-forming sites and stars that may form new planets.

During the mission, astronomers will collect data from more than 300 million galaxies and explore more than 100 million stars in the Milky Way.

Mission launch plans were scheduled for the first release date in June 2024 from the Complex-4E launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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