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Myanmar’s Kachin independence forces have attacked government forces from many sources and shelled myitkyina airbase

At least 15 people were killed in a wave disaster in Mon State, Myanmar

On February 1, in Yangon, Myanmar, after the Myanmar military declared a state of emergency in the country, police and cars could be seen everywhere on the streets. Source: The Paper Image

On the morning of April 17, local time, Myanmar’s Kachin independence forces launched simultaneous attacks on government forces in many places and shelled the Myitkyina air base.

Among them, kachin independent armed forces in the early hours of this morning captured the Waxiao to Chippe highway on the color-based outpost, while the other unit on the sun braun to Myekhina road with government forces exchanged fire, both battles in which several government soldiers were killed.

At the same time, kachin independence forces shelled the government air base in Myitkyina this morning, several shells fell into the base, but the casualties are unknown, while a shell fell into a village near the base, resulting in the injury of a villager.

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